Taillon Crane Service, Inc. features modern, efficient equipment (including cranes for rent with operator) with capability for a wide range of services, both on site and at customer locations, including:

• 30 to 110 ton hydraulic cranes
• Boom tip heights up to 200 feet
• Cranes for rent with operator
• Three-axle rollback 26' trailer
• 3,000 to 20,000 lbs. pneumatic forklifts
• 30-ton Hydraulic Boom Truck with 105' boom
• Heavy hauling and equipment delivery
• 100-ton capacity, with jack and slide system

• Complete services for all rigging phases
• Inside and outside storage space availability
• Complete equipment installations and relocations
• Machinery moving, hauling, rigging and assembly
• Load shifts and load transfers
• Responsive, quick 24 Hour emergency services
• Experienced riggers
• Hydraulic jacking systems

Our equipment is certified by mandated company and state inspections. Because each piece receives comprehensive maintenance, our customers are confident about our equipment safety and reliability.